What’s new at CMI

For certain we have remained true to our mission – helping business professionals enhance their effectiveness in two critical communication skills areas – business presentations and business writing. However, we are now able to deliver service how and where it best suits your needs. If the order calls for onsite, instructor-led workshops, we can fulfill the request. If scheduling flexibility, user convenience and travel limitations are key considerations, we have e-learning … [Read more...]

Out of Sight, Out of Mind! Management Involvement Helps Propel Online Learning Participation

One of our financial services clients has found our online business writing course, writeTrain®, very beneficial in helping to improve their employees’ writing skills. Yet, in past years their Learning & Development Department had to spend significant amounts of time chasing users to get them not only to complete the program, but in many cases to get started. The idea that online learning is a convenient way to deliver training services to busy workers is still valid. However, even with … [Read more...]

Increased awareness of effective process management

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the New England Society of Healthcare Materials Management. While I always enjoy talking about business presentations, I gained incredible insights into the supply chain required to keep our healthcare system fully functional at all times. Effective materials management – manufacturing, distribution and procurement – requires precision planning, collaboration and communication, especially in terms of contingency planning for unexpected situations and … [Read more...]