Online Business Training With Flexible Scheduling Opportunities

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Many people have the intention of attending in-person workshops. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible. Scheduling conflicts, emergencies, and the unexpected everyday occurrences of life can change plans quickly. Fortunately, Communication Management (CMI) offers online business training opportunities for those who require greater schedule flexibility. CMI training courses can be taken at any time and from any location with a secure internet connection.

Benefits of Online Business Training

Along with providing scheduling flexibility and mobility, online training also offers a variety of other benefits. When taking an in-person training course, participants are most likely limited to working with people from their immediate area. However, online courses can be taken from anywhere. It is possible to interact with people who are located in different geographies and are able to provide unique perspectives.

CMI’s online business training provides users with resources to reach out for support. eLearning instructors are available to interact via email or a chat support system.

Further, CMI courses include learning resources and reference materials. The curricula are all-inclusive.

Types of Online Business Training

Effective business communication skills are critical to organizations and individuals looking to excel in any field of endeavor. People who have an ability to convey complex topics and issues clearly, concisely, and accurately provide substantial value to their associates, customers, and prospects.

As a small enterprise, online services are important to ways for CMI to be able to serve clients who may be located anywhere, and who are responsible for presenting their organization’s information orally or in writing.

Best Self Forward® focuses on essential presentation skills. writeTrain® deals with critical writing skills. Both are designed to help business professionals improve their effectiveness in engaging listeners and readers through well-structured content organization, crisp articulation of key ideas, and a willingness to delve into the issues and concerns of their constituent audiences.

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Online Presentation Skills Training

Eastham, MA online business training company Communication Management, Inc.'s Online Business Presentation Skills training logo.Best Self Forward® is a combination self-paced and instructor-led program where users commit three to three and half hours per week for three consecutive weeks. Note: only one hour each week is at a fixed scheduled time. Users work at their own pace and schedule.


See the weekly schedule below:

Eastham, MA professional development training company Communication Management, Inc.'s Online Business Presentation Skills Training weekly schedule graph.

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Online Business Writing

Eastham, MA business writing company Communication Management, Inc.'s online business writing trainer writeTrain® logo.

writeTrain® is designed to address users’ specific writing needs identified via a comprehensive assessment process:

  • A writing sample that a highly-qualified writing coach evaluates in terms of content organization, format, grammar usage, punctuation along with style and tone.
  • A four-part writing skills survey designed to test a user’s proficiency in terms of sentence structure, punctuation, word usage and professionalism

Based on the results of these assessments and the writing coach’s recommendations, users can either test out of further training or take one, two or all three of the learning tracks listed in system map below:

Eastham, MA business writing company Communication Management, Inc.'s main line 5-step writing process system map graph.

Learning Track Descriptions

Business Class

Focuses on professionalism

• proper document
• formatting
• appropriate style and tone

Main Line

Reviews a proven 5-step writing process designed to produce clear and organized documents

Grammar Express

Refreshes familiarity with accepted writing conventions
• sentence structure
• punctuation
• spelling and word choice