Online Business Training Opportunities

Organizations looking to excel in any field of endeavor know the importance of effective business communication skills. Consequently, substantial resources are invested to ensure that their staff are skilled in conveying complex topics and issues clearly, concisely, and accurately.

Because the pace of business requires people to devote their time to multiple priorities, implementing in person training initiatives may not always be possible.

Fortunately, CMI’s online business training opportunities provide clients with relevant, easy to use alternative resources that help build oral and written communication skills.

These options provide users with the flexibility of not having to travel to central locations and the ability to complete training during times that are most personally convenient, ultimately reducing the complexities of balancing work-life demands.

Both of CMI’s online programs, Best Self Forward® Presentation Skills and the writeTrain® Online Business Writing programs use a combination of self-paced curricula and online instructors/coaches to work with clients in the most convenient way possible.

Best Self Forward® will be undergoing a revamp later this year. More information will be available shortly.

Click here to learn more about the  revitalized writeTrain® Online Business Writing Program.