Out of Sight, Out of Mind! Management Involvement Helps Propel Online Learning Participation

black-female-professionalOne of our financial services clients has found our online business writing course, writeTrain®, very beneficial in helping to improve their employees’ writing skills. Yet, in past years their Learning & Development Department had to spend significant amounts of time chasing users to get them not only to complete the program, but in many cases to get started.

The idea that online learning is a convenient way to deliver training services to busy workers is still valid. However, even with the best of intentions and desires, busy workers can become side-tracked, especially with so many demands competing for their time and attention.

Our client discovered a very important solution – get the users’ managers involved from the outset.

Managers are an essential element in the delivery of successful online training programs. Getting people to start and finish a training initiative within the prescribed time period is critical in conducting effective online training.

The managers’ involvement minimizes the risk for both employees and organizations of not realizing a fair return on the investment in performance improvement initiatives.

The writeTrain® program allows managers to be set up as Team Leads and monitor the progress of their direct reports – a feature that helps to ensure the wise use of time and investment in building skills.