Improve Your Professionalism with Business Writing Training


Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, we are taught basic, as well as more complex writing skills. However, as time passes, some of us forget these lessons, as well as pick up habits that minimize our writing effectiveness. Communication Management (CMI) offers business writing courses to help strengthen writing inefficiencies.

Benefits of Business Writing Training

Contrary to what some may believe, business writing skills aren’t just necessary for business owners and corporate executives. Whether sending out resumes and cover letters during job searches, preparing large-scale business proposals, or just producing countless emails and other daily correspondence, taking steps to improve writing skills can be very beneficial in terms of:

  • Expanding your job and career prospects
  • Showcasing a commitment to professionalism
  • Improving the level of communication between you and the reader

Well thought-out, concise, error-free writing facilitates quicker understanding and is more likely to leave a favorable impression on readers. Documents with errors convey carelessness and a lack of attention to detail.

Customized Online Business Writing Training

The writeTrain® Online Business Writing program includes an assessment of your current skill level, which helps us identify the proper course recommendations. Instruction is designed to help improve a wide range of skills including punctuation, document formatting, content organization, grammar, word usage, style, tone, and sentence structure. The program is a time-efficient way to review and correct marginally effective writing habits. The course is ideal for individuals and groups.

Call CMI today at (800) 475-8137 or submit an online inquiry. Learn more about CMI’s business writing training programs and find out how to enroll.