Business Writing


Effective business writing – a critical skill for professional success

emails • reports • letters • memos • social media

Does your team get frustrated when handling writing assignments?

No matter how much business practices change, writing well is still expected; not doing so may even undermine success.

Communication Management’s business writing workshops help writers refine their skills in two important ways: the time spent in preparation, and the creation of correspondence that is well organized, clear, concise and grammatically correct.

Our workshops involve interactive instruction built around a proven five-step writing process, active group participation, relevant exercises and opportunities to receive individual coaching. Facilitator, peer and group reviews provide diverse approaches for conveying various topics and messages.

Our one and two-day workshops address issues such as

  • Poor organization
  • Vague content
  • Passive voice
  • Jargon
  • Inadequate context
  • Grammar and punctuation

Writers also have opportunities to address individual issues focusing on concerns that may fall outside of the scope of the classroom instruction.

Highly qualified facilitators experienced in effective business writing training lead CMI’s workshops.

CMI can also customize writing curricula for writers who prepare technical, client-sensitive documents such as opinions, findings, newsletter articles, or requests for proposals, and other specialized areas.

Please call or email us for more detailed information about our workshops and how they can help your organization maintain consistently high business writing standards.