Sure your point is getting across?

If not, credibility can be lost instantly. Documents that lack message clarity, are poorly organized, contain errors, or use confusing terms create disconnects with readers.

Ensure your team’s writing is capturing readers’ attention.

The writeTrain® Online Business Writing Program

enhancing writing skills necessary to connect with busy business professionals

The program focuses on issues that are vital when preparing recommendations, performance evaluations, budget reports, new product introductions, and an endless number of topics that are emailed, texted, tweeted, or faxed.

  • message clarity
  • concise explanations
  • logical organization
  • proper punctuation & grammar usage

Additionally the course offers….

  • 24/7 convenience
  • internet accessibility
  • interactive curriculum
  • online video coaching sessions

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Improve by Doing

Reader Connections

move business forward

Writing Proficiency

Builds Connections

Two business people at a meeting

Whether communicated via paper or electronic formats, the intent of business correspondence – e.g., reports, updates, proposals – is to prompt a particular reader action.

Getting to the point directly is always a priority especially when imparting important information to readers with limited time and many obligations.

Writers who convey issues and ideas effectively build credibility, establish trust, and ultimately, develop relationships with readers who are influential in achieving outcomes and meeting deadlines.

The writeTrain® Online Business Writing program focuses on attributes that are critical to producing accurate, clear, concise, relevant, and organized correspondence.

The self-paced curriculum provides opportunities for users to

  • review writing conventions

  • practice writing assignments

  • receive in-person feedback from online writing coaches

Users have 15 business days to complete the program at their own convenience from anywhere with Internet access. 

The ideal skills-building program for an individual or a group

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Improve by Doing

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