Writing Skills for Re-entering the Workplace

The workforce is a place that people leave or retire from for a variety of reasons – mandatory age, family responsibilities, personal ventures or preference. It is also a place that is dynamic and to which people return. For those looking to re-enter the workplace, being able to describe your suitability for a particular position in a crisp effective manner is essential. Readers want to know in a very short time frame whether an applicant is someone worthy of further consideration. The … [Read more...]

Are we talking about the same thing?

It's remarkable that we Americans communicate with each other as well as we do. Consider accents – Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, the South, Texas, the Midwest – many of us use the same words but say them with a unique enunciation or drawl. Add to this the fact that so many of our words sound alike, are spelled differently and don't have the same meaning (homophones). This blog will periodically provide examples of how easy it is to confuse readers when the wrong word is used. Which of the … [Read more...]

A terrific article on word usage

20 Misused Words That Make Smart People Look Dumb https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/misused-words-make-smart-people-look-dumb-dr-travis-bradberry This article contained a hidden gem that is as important as the topic. While stressing the importance of word choice, Dr. Bradberry admits to personally falling into some word usage traps. However, what he does to avoid these missteps is to have someone carefully review and edit his work. Frequently, many of us may not take the time to carefully … [Read more...]