Writing Skills for Re-entering the Workplace

woman's hand with penThe workforce is a place that people leave or retire from for a variety of reasons – mandatory age, family responsibilities, personal ventures or preference. It is also a place that is dynamic and to which people return.

For those looking to re-enter the workplace, being able to describe your suitability for a particular position in a crisp effective manner is essential. Readers want to know in a very short time frame whether an applicant is someone worthy of further consideration.

The combination of the cover letter and the actual resume are the tools requiring the greatest proficiency. Whether you have been out of the market for a long or short time period, the goal is to convince the reader (hirer) that your skills are relevant and that your experience adds value.

Key tips

  1. Know the audience and the job needs
  2. Create a compelling summary that highlights your capabilities and reassures the reader of your ability to make a seamless transition into a new role
  3. Focus on the most recent, relevant experiences, including voluntary involvements, versus recapping your entire career
  4. Format the document for an easy, fast read through with proper indentation and bolded sub-headlines
  5. Include standard education and experience format
  6. Provide links to social media presence – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook