How to Be a Better Public Speaker

Becoming a great public speaker is a process that involves developing rich content that will attract the attention of the targeted audience. Gathering the courage to address a multitude of people requires loads of confidence and excellent communication skills. Practice is crucial for anyone seeking to become better at public speaking. Here are some public speaking tips to practice.

Adequate Practice and Preparation

A black and white photo of a man giving a speech in front of a crowd

Oftentimes, the level of adrenaline in the body leads to rapid heartbeat, shaking, or even sweaty hands. However, the same hormone also increases the level of alertness, and this is what public speakers should utilize. To regulate the adrenaline rush, conduct adequate research and practice the presentation repeatedly. Moreover, record yourself and watch it with a friend or family to get their opinion and ideas on what could improve. If available, sign up for an instructor-led or online professional development training course to flesh out ideas and receive constructive feedback.

Understanding the Audience and Use of Humor

Learning the audience beforehand plays a significant role in developing content for a presentation. Conduct extensive research on the audience’s age range, careers, educational background, culture, and political or religious orientation to develop engaging content. Moreover, this research can help you come up with stories that the audience can relate to, along with comments or jokes to complement the presentation.

Captivating Introduction and Stage Management

In most cases, the audience decides whether or not to pay close attention to a speaker within the first five minutes of their presentation. Therefore, public speakers should ensure that they make proper use of the first few minutes by coming up with an appealing opening. Additionally, any gesture that implies anxiety or nervousness like fiddling with the microphone or remote control depicts a lack of confidence. An excellent public speaker should exhibit confidence, make use of the available stage space, interact with the audience, and position his or her materials in a strategic position for easy access.

Taking an online or instructor-directed course helps public speakers sharpen their abilities. At Communication Management (CMI), we offer a variety of courses to help you improve your communication skills for more productive outcomes in your business endeavors. We have been in business since 1992, and have a strong record of accomplishment with business professionals as well as supporting large and small companies. Get in touch with us to learn more about our online workshops and instructor-led classes in Eastham, MA.