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Is the ability to influence, motivate and convince others closely tied to your business’ success?

If so, Best Self Forward® – a structured combination of self-paced learning resources plus peer and instructor-led interactions – is an ideal means for enhancing presentation skills.


The course curriculum along with the corresponding instructional materials used in our successful, instructor-led workshops have been converted into an online format.  Users can access proven, skills-building training via mobile platforms such as smartphones, tablets, laptops as well as desktop computers.

Connecting to Best Self Forward® is easy.

An private, online meeting resource will host the on-demand, pre-recorded training curricula as well as serve as the site for live, full class meetings.

Additionally, users will have multiple opportunities to practice new techniques based on various course exercises. Participants will be responsible for recording and uploading practice presentations videos to the sessions.

The instructor and other class members will view and critique teammates’ abilities in organizing and delivering effective presentation, using prescribed criteria.


Delivering maximum flexibility and minimal time investment – approximately 3 hours per week

Users only need to commit to one scheduled hour per week for each of the three weeks for the live session. Otherwise, access to all other program elements enable users to work at their own pace and convenience.

Below is a summary of the week’s activities.


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