The writeTrain® Curriculum

Review, Practice and Feedback

A Curriculum Designed for Strengthening Reader Connections

  • Content organization for prompt understanding
  • Sufficient detail: not too little or too much
  • Succinct versus vague/complex explanations
  • Appropriate tone for situations and readers
  • Common terminology versus jargon/”corporate speak”
  • Proper grammar, punctuation, spelling
  • Thorough proof-reading before sending

The 80-question skills survey provides users with feedback on fundamental writing standards

Fragments, Modifiers, Parallel Construction, Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement, Pronoun Use, Run-ons, Subject Verb Agreement, Verbs

Abbreviations, Apostrophes, Commas, Hyphens & dashes, Parentheses, Semicolons/Colons

Acronyms & abbreviations, Capitalization, Spelling, Incorrect Word Use

Biased language Format – Email, Letters, Memos, Jargon, Passive Voice, Redundancy

Writing coaches evaluate two writing submissions using the following criteria

Organization, Clarity, Conciseness, Format, Content, Grammar & Usage, Style & Tone

Successfully Completing a Self-paced Curriculum

Time management is frequently the biggest challenge that users face in completing the writeTrain® program.

Once a start time is agreed to, users have 15 business days* – on average a commitment of approximately 7 hours – in which to complete the course.

Reminders are emailed every 3 days to help users manage completion schedules and avoid last-minute, mad dashes.

The following guide illustrates a schedule that allows users to complete the writeTrain® program at a reasonably steady pace without infringing on valued weekend time.

*Note: Depending upon a program’s starting date, the inclusion of weekend days can result in users having a total of 19 or even 21 days to complete the course.

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