Presentation Skills

Presentation-Skills-Page-ImagePresentation Skills – Instructor-led Workshops

Stronger Preparation • More Engaging Delivery • Clearer Messages • Better Outcomes

Managers, buyers and program participants want similar things from training – programs that provide awesome user experiences, improve performance, and represent an excellent investment of time and resources. CMI’s Business Presentation Skills workshops deliver on all of these criteria.

Fulfilling expectations consistently

CMI workshops stand out because they help speakers (discussion leaders, point people, team leads, managers, sales professionals) focus on the most important element of every presentation – the audience (listeners, prospects, buyers, and decision makers and influencers).

Helping participants to:

  • Gain and hold attention, especially when presenting technically complex topics to non-technical audiences
  • Conduct engaging webcasts or teleconferences
  • Promote agreement for recommendations and action items

Building skills by doing:

Many people have considerable anxiety before presenting to a group.  Practicing, seeing yourself as others see you and receiving constructive feedback is CMI’s recipe for instilling rock solid self-confidence.

Our workshops provide multiple practice opportunities that always include immediate instructor and group feedback. Participants receive custom videos of each of their practice presentations for future reference and reinforcement of the points covered in group critiques.

One and two-day workshops are designed to:

  • Add greater impact to each presenter’s individual delivery style
  • Utilize proven resources for organizing critical messages and content
  • Ensure that presentations are structured to achieve specific outcomes
  • Review innovative ways to reinforce key ideas
  • Practice techniques to gain and manage audience engagement

See how CMI’s workshops can add value to your organization’s professional development plans. Call or email us to learn more.

Individual-Coaching-ImageIndividual Coaching

Maximum Scheduling Flexibility – Total Convenience

A trusted resource can be a tremendous benefit for busy managers and executives when preparing for a major speaking event.

CMI coaching sessions help key managers or business teams prepare for new product introductions, shareholder meetings, budget reviews, proposals, challenging messages, business overviews – any event where performance and credibility are essential to the success of the message.

Practice makes perfect; coaching focuses on the details that make a difference!©

Presentation skills coaching sessions are designed around content development, audience analysis, messaging, delivery techniques and engagement tactics. Practice sessions are recorded and critiqued by both the person receiving the coaching and the coach in terms of strengths and areas needing more attention.

Sessions can take place onsite (two hour minimum), via videoconferencing or by phone (one-hour minimum) at times that are convenient for the client. Please call or email for more information.