Words Matter

Our usage of words and language appears to have changed. Conveying the essential point is what really matters.

B7bd4dc519f8f62abeaa8560526294fe7usiness professionals will have readers who expect written correspondence to include the correct word use and adhere to standard writing conventions.

This brings me to my word of the week there…their…and they’re.

I realize there are those who are saying this is much too basic. Yet, I see misuses of this word enough to realize that a brief review is justified.

So it can’t hurt to go over this homonym once more.

  • THERE – an adverb that frequently refers to a location, direction or point in an action, i. e. – “the barn is over there.”
  • THEIR – an adjective that is the possessive case of they, i. e. – “their home is fabulous.”
  • THEY’RE– a contraction of the words they (a third person plural pronoun) and are (third person present indicative/linking verb), i. e. – “they’re going to get us all in trouble with all of that fooling around in class.”

It doesn’t take much to see how misusing words that sound alike, don’t employ the same spelling and have different meanings in a written correspondence can serve as a source of frustration for readers.

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