Guidelines for Composing Proper Business Emails

Businessman using his laptop to draft a business emailThere are certain guidelines professionals should follow to compose compelling emails. These guidelines will help to ensure that each email sent is professional and well received. There’s only one opportunity to make a first impression through email, so crafting a strong email can impact the entire professional relationship.

Start With a Strong Subject Line

Effective emails have a strong subject line that is clear, direct, and concise in regards to what the email itself is going to cover. This is the sender’s opportunity to ensure the recipient opens the email and actually reads it. Highlight the important matter at hand in the subject line so there’s no question about the subject matter.

Pay Attention to the Details

The details in a business email are critical to its reception. Elements such as tone, formatting, and correct punctuation go a long way in helping one to come off as intelligent and sophisticated. Be mindful and think twice before “replying all” or trying to work in humor that may not be taken the right way. The person drafting the email should be courteous in his or her response and use a signature so the recipient can better understand their relationship to the sender.

Proofread Every Message

Proofread all emails a few times before hitting send. The last situation a sender wants is to push out an email message that has misspellings and the wrong use of words. This is a crucial step that must not be overlooked or it may create some embarrassment on the sender’s behalf.

Composing proper business email messages is crucial for success in the professional world. Let Communication Management (CMI) help get your email writing on the right track through our instructor-led workshops, online programs, and coaching opportunities. Contact us to learn how our programs can help you or your business grow.